Moyamoya Center

Moyamoya Center, a center of expertise for children

The Moyamoya Center was set up in 2011 by the internationally renowned Moyamoya specialist, Prof. Dr. med. Nadia Khan. After several years of neurosurgical (clinical and research) practice in Switzerland and abroad, she returned to the Children's Hospital Zurich to establish the center of expertise for patients up to the age of seventeen. Previous to the establishment of this center, children since the late 1990s were managed together with adult Moyamoya patients in Zurich at the University Hospital, where the infrastructure was really only suitable for adults. It was pivotal to provide a dedicated pediatric infrastructure where the children were the focus of medical and neurosurgical care.

At the Moyamoya Center, the focus is on the individual disease history and presentation of the children. Treatment is provided in an infrastructure which is specially designed for patients from under one year to seventeen years of age. Child-oriented specialised medical and neurosurgical care attuned to the needs of the young patients and combined with close personal support is the main goal. For this reason, follow-up of the affected children is not terminated after surgery but continues systematically  until adulthood.

Moyamoya Doctor


Moyamoya Treatment

Pioneering, dedicated work enables children to smile again

Prof. Dr. med. Nadia Khan, has been carrying out pioneering work to raise awareness of stroke in children. Moyamoya Angiopathy still remains a neurological disorder unappreciated in all respects. At an early stage, she established an international group of specialists to collaborate in increasing awareness and understanding the disease. She continues to be involved in research projects, teaches at universities across the globe and organises specialist working-group meetings. Together with her team a Moyamoya support group for patients initially established in 2006 could be reactivated in 2013. Last but not least she treats Moyamoya patients referred from all over the globe on a daily basis. As a result of her great commitment and extensive international collaboration, the Moyamoya Center is constantly at the forefront of highly specialised neurosurgical care and clinical research.