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Thanks to your donation to the Moyamoya Center children can live a normal life again.

Moyamoya Angiopathy (disease and syndrome) continues to be less known amongst medical professionals and the general public. This results in incorrect or late diagnosis of the illness. The time lost between first symptoms and correct diagnosis and treatment usually results in a number of strokes and severe neurological deficits or in some cases even death. Increasing awareness, improving diagnostic and treatment methods with continuing clinical research cannot be overemphasized. This can only be achieved in a specialised center where all involved are dedicated to support every child and family affected by this disease both medically and personally.

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In the light of the ever increasing number of referrals of Moyamoya children from across the globe, the dedicated goals and unwavering visions of the Moyamoya Center can in no way be achieved and sustained in the near and far future when predefined institutional budgets, limited resources, both at the personnel and financial level dictate the daily norm. Support our Moyamoya Center and be an active part of increasing awareness and ensuring quality specialised care of all Moyamoya children. Donate and help Moyamoya children live a normal life.

Thanks to your donation to the Moyamoya Center children can live a normal life again.


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