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Books for explaining Moyamoya to your children

Spending time in a hospital is an unusually stressful situation for a child and his/her parents and can be associated with feelings of insecurity and anxiety. The following children's books help explain in simple words and illustrations Moyamoya, its symptoms and what is to be expected during a hospital stay. Relieving anxiety and making it easier to deal with the diagnosis and its management.


Sven, a picture book for children four years and older

This picture book tells the story of five years old Sven who, after initial baffling symptoms, was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease. The diagnosis of Moyamoya takes everyone by surprise. This book aims to explain the illness to affected children in an easily understood manner and to take away any anxieties concerning the disease, the operation and everything associated with it.


Fatma's fantastic Journey, a comic book for children ten years and older

Moyamoya Center

In this graphic comic, Sven, having turned 15 years old, travels to Zurich for his regular follow-up, where he meets Fatma, Claudia and Luca, all of them similarly affected by Moyamoya disease.Together they have a fantastic adventure which takes them on a thrilling and informative journey through the human body and the human brain.


Ordering a book and its price

You can order books for CHF 30.- / € 20.- each per email at Please indicate your complete address incl. the country, your email address and your phone number for necessary questions in your email when ordering.

Did you know that the book price flows completely into the donation funds and so the Moyamoya- children will benefit from it? By buying the Moyamoya-picture books, you will give pleasure to twice as many people: to the young readers and to the children affected by Moyamoya.